Prime Results
Prime Results


Specializing in Custom Solutions in Vision Inspection and Process Improvement


What We Can Do For You:

The AIME program provides the tracking of all critical components and parameters that allow the inspection process to maintain its qualification while being agile enough to allow for continuous improvement.


We have assembled a defect set program that incorporates all of the guidance in USP 1790. Our technicians create custom defect sets labeled with data matrix codes using our logical numbering system.


We walk with you through the qualification process for new inspection equipment or for existing lines where a continuous improvement capability can be designed into the qualification procedure.

Prime Results provides pharmaceutical manufacturers with a wide range of state-of-the-art tools, services, and procedures to optimize the implementation of automated inspection equipment.   The AIME program (Automated Inspection Management Environment) allows automated inspection to be part of the quality system and under continuous improvement without losing control of qualification parameters. 


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