Prime Results
Prime Results


Automated Inspection Management Environment


Library Module

AIME Library Module

The Library module collects a sampling of images from every batch that is inspected. The module collects images based on random selection, defect type, and operator selection. This allows testing of potential continuous improvement changes by analyzing their impact on previous production.

CAM Module


The CAM module collects data measuring camera acquisition parameters (Camera Acquisition Metrics). The parameters monitored are X position, Y position, light intensity, focus, and a spare value that can be configured per camera station.

Qualification Module

AIME Qualification Module

The Qualification module retains all images from the inspection machine while it is in “Validation Mode”. These images can be reprocessed to evaluate the impact of changes to vision settings made as part of continuous improvement.

AIME provides data that can be used to improve inspection performance and identify potential problems before the inspection process is out of control. Each module in the AIME program provides a critical function and builds on data from other modules. Contact us today to get started by scheduling a review of your automated inspection program and an implementation assessment.